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Operations Management Tools

With TivaCloud’s DOT compliance software, your driver qualification file management processes are streamlined and digitized, lowering risks of misplacement, filing inaccuracies, manual error, and time-consuming record keeping practices.

  • Easy Customization – Assign different access levels to your driver qualification files according to your company needs.
  • Automatic Notifications – Never get behind on expired data again. With TivaCloud you will receive dashboard and email notifications that track important data including driver’s licenses, physical cards, HAZMAT, motor vehicle reports, annual reviews, and more.
  • Hard Copy Images – TivaCloud is able to maintain digital images of each driver qualification file.

Digitizing your employee data has never been easier.

  • Manage driver qualification files and drug testing programs.
  • Edit logs and track employee performance.
  • Get notified when training is due.
  • Stay organized on job assignment, salary reviews, and new hire processing.
  • Receive important notifications via email on near-expiration and expired files.

Keep your CSA scores down by ensuring you have all the right information on your fleet’s performance by viewing detailed, easy-to-understand DOT Insights.

  • Get instant detailed breakouts of every BASIC score, including violations, accidents, clean inspections and trending analysis.
  • For motor carriers with a network of terminals but only one USDOT number, get virtual BASIC scores and know the real-world safety/compliance performance of every location in your organization.
  • Identify issues related to specific drivers or vehicles that are contributing negatively to your BASIC scores and take action.
  • Reporting across all devices.

Ensure that you are always up-to-date on employee-linked assets such as trucks, company vehicles, computers, credit cards, mobile phones, and ID badges while staying current on registration renewals, periodic inspections and certifications.

  • Maximize asset protection/loss prevention.
  • Track periodic inspections and preventative maintenance.
  • Eliminate costs due to fines and operational shrink.
  • Running reports is as easy as using email, with clear, crisp dashboard metrics designed to give you a full, easily digestible view of everything you need.

Ensuring that all of your employees – especially your drivers – are clean and drug free is vital to your success and reputation especially when it comes to making certain your motor carrier is fully compliant.

  • Random selection software that picks names from a list – it can pick some for drug testing and others for alcohol testing in a single request.
  • Easily print random selection notification letters.
  • Reporting allows you to view year-to-date selection percentages.
  • Track positive and negative results.
  • Create and send automated invoices.

One of the keys to ensuring compliance for any motor carrier is effective auditing. See how TivaCloud can dramatically streamline your audit management.

  • Record audit results with mobile devices.
  • Quickly and easily replicate current audit programs while planning upcoming quality audits.
  • Standardize all your audit forms and checklists.
  • Rest assured that every high-risk finding is automatically escalated for continued investigation.

Ensuring every aspect of your workforce is competent and well-trained – from your drivers to your dispatch team – is of utmost importance both in ensuring you’re DOT compliant and that your motor carrier is running as smoothly, and cost-effectively as possible.

  • Ensure that your employees are certified for compliance.
  • Demonstrate quickly and easily to auditors that your employees are current on their qualifications.
  • Make it easier for your employees by offering online registration, automated notifications, and requirements tracking.

Upload, create, copy, and store permits. With TivaCloud’s simple, quick permit management features, you will be able to streamline permit management, creation, and tracking, which will allow you to accomplish the following:

  • Create permits using a prestructured permit builder option.
  • Upload your own permits from almost any file type (including file images from photos or scanned documents).
  • Easily store permits and instructions and access them with easy searching capabilities
  • Quickly copy permits from one site to another.

Creating tasks can ensure you and your team stay on track. You can associate a task with any element within your TivaCloud account, including employees and any tool feature, such permits or safety data sheets. You can also create tasks as general reminder of upcoming to-dos, like planning a company outing, or just general daily reminders. When creating a new task, you can set an occurrence rule so you can be reminded either weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. We’ll send you email reminders of upcoming tasks. And you’ll also be reminded every time you visit your TivaCloud dashboard!

Safety Management Tools

Let’s face it – accidents are going to happen. How you handle on-the-job accidents is the determining factor of how costly it may or not be. With TivaCloud’s OSHA Compliance Software, you are able to quickly get to the root causes of incidents and immediately investigate it while adhering strictly to OSHA reporting requirements in an efficient manner.

  • Automatically generate OSHA 301, 300, 300A.
  • The software will point out any data that you may have been missing while directing you to the correct location.
  • Record workers compensation notes.
  • Perform in-depth investigations.
  • Capture how the scene was secured and the step-by-step process that ensued.
  • Build a detailed sequence of events.
  • Easily upload data such as photos, sketches, records, notes, witness statements, and interviews in text, audio, and video formats.
  • Create a determining cause questionnaire.
  • Record findings and conclusions.
  • Analyze history and report trends by using sophisticated, easy-to-use search features.

Meeting OSHA’s guidelines for identifying job hazards has never been easier with TivaCloud’s OSHA compliance software. Our job safety analysis features allows you to quickly and easily upload or create any JSA procedures and streamline the analysis process.

  • Upload current JSA records to the database.
  • Easily build new JSAs.
  • Create groups of employees.
  • Quickly assign employees to particular groups.
  • Link employee groups to specific JSAs.
  • See stored job steps, hazards, and PPE in a visual control panel.
  • Link Lockout Tagout, SDS policies and procedures, and permits to JSA steps.
  • Allow employees to self-certify that they have reviewed job safety analysis materials.
  • Simple search allows you to locate JSA records quickly.

With TivaCloud’s OSHA compliance software, your material safety data sheet management processes will be streamlined, simple, and organized. By being able to easily upload your electronic SDS files from any file type into our database, you can utilize our simple search options to access them quickly at any time while allowing other employees to view them as well.

  • Upload SDS documents from almost any file type.
  • Uploads require only minimal meta data.
  • Access your SDS documents from ANY computer.
  • Easily search and index SDS files by area or subarea.
  • Update all SDS files from a single location (no need for books and binders).

Whether you’re a small organization with a single location or a large company with multiple locations, TivaCloud’s OSHA compliance software provides the lockout tagout procedure management options you need to increase your workplace safety while reducing operating expenses and easing the overall burden of OSHA regulatory requirements. By streamlining your LOTO procedure management processes, you will be able to put aside antiquated paper management systems for a more accessible, user-friendly software solution.

  • Upload existing procedures.
  • Easily and quickly build new procedures in the database.
  • Include a drawing with each procedure.
  • Track all revisions across all procedures.
  • Easily pull up all audit history.
  • Copy and clone procedures from one site to another.
  • Send automatic email notifications to auditors, trainers, and escalation managers.

Now your employees will be able to quickly and easily access important information regarding safety and procedure from any device, without having to lug around large binders of information that can be lost or destroyed.

With TivaCloud’s OSHA Compliance Software, you can easily store all your safety and procedure documentation in nearly any file type and place them in virtual folders and files that go layers-deep with simple organizational tabs for quick reference.

  • Utilize a simple tabular format.
  • Share folders and files within created tabs.
  • Upload virtually any file type.
  • Provide access for employees to review information from their own computer, tablet, or smart phone.
  • Place documents on an audit schedule.
  • Track audit histories and revisions.
  • File and retain past documents.

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With our pricing structure, based on actual use, TivaCloud is affordable for companies of all sizes.

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